FedNet has provided advanced data services covering Congress, the White House, Federal Agencies as well as News events since 1994. Government data and the spoken word converted into data and print through numerous methods from manual transcription to computer processing, video feed captioning extraction and through advanced Artificial Intelligence voice to text applications.




Congressional Hearings – Transcripts

FedNet’s transcript service extends nearly three decades of experience with machine/reporter-generated fast, accurate and comprehensive transcripts of Congress, the Executive branch and news events from around Washington, DC. FedNet provides written transcripts of EVERY Congressional Hearing.  In today’s demanding information market, FedNet is second to none in our data services. Our extensive production facilities located on Capitol Hill enable us to deliver draft transcripts within an hour of the event’s conclusion.  Proofed transcripts of select Committees are provided within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event. All work is meticulously produced and professionally edited with every speaker attributed, acronym designated and even applause points denoted if requested. Verbatim and Machine-made specifications available.

Client Base:

  • Journalists
  • Analysts
  • Legislative Trackers
  • Interested Professionals

Available Packages:

  • Committee Hearings and Markups
  • Congressional Press Conferences
  • Biden Administration
  • Departments and Agencies
  • Newsmaker Events


  • No Need to Monitor an Event
  • No Need to Wait Weeks for a Deliverable
  • No Need to Hire a Non-Expert Firm


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Floor Watch – Transcripts and Alerts

FedNet’s FloorWatch provides the fastest, most advanced Floor debate text & bill tracking available. FedNet reliably identifies speakers & reports changes to bills & nominations in moments.  FedNet combines human intelligence from our experienced, congressionally credentialed, legislative experts with advanced proprietary editing technology. This allows FedNet to produce the fastest updates of House and Senate floor debate text and changes to legislation and nominations. FloorWatch flags procedural action and disposition for immediate delivery. Data is delivered via XML files with your proprietary Member ID tags. FedNet guarantees coverage – our personnel are on-site at a dedicated workspace on Capitol Hill for managing its production activities every legislative day of the year, every legislative session gavel-to-gavel. This includes days, nights, pro formas, weekends and around-the-clock as floor sessions demand.

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How to Order Transcripts?

FedNet can provide large volume packaged contracts for Databases & Online Service providers.  All files are provided in XML with client proprietary tags that allows for easy ingestion into your platform.  FTP or S3 deliver is preferred. Contracts are customized based on Packages selected and volumes of transcripts produced. In addition FedNet can provide one-off sales of any event we cover (see Transcript Calendar) for a low price and deliver via email or FTP.

Contact FedNet to inquire about package scope or to request a transcript today!