FedNet, the Future in Public Affairs Programming, has launched our new FedNet Channel on ConnectedTV and on smart devices worldwide. This is the first 24/7 live, linear Congressional Public Affairs Channel on this exciting broadcast platform. NOW AVAILABLE IN THE US & WORLDWIDE.


Mission Statement

Since 1996, FedNet has provided live and archived streaming coverage of the Senate & House Floors, as well as Congressional hearings, press conferences and special events. We provide no editorial or commentary and all of FedNet's coverage is provided on a non-partisan basis. Our mission to provide an unfiltered, unbiased view of the United States Congress continues with the launch of the FedNet Channel - a live, linear, 24/7 Congressional Public Affairs Channel on connected TV and smart devices – worldwide!


The FedNet Channel is available Live & On Demand in the United States and Worldwide. At the time of our launch we are reaching more than 30 million homes and offices on ConnectedTVs and computers as well as smart phones and tablets through our distribution partner apps that have been downloaded more than 5 million times.

Where To Find Us

You can find the FedNet Channel on OTT (Over the Top) devices or ConnectedTVs (CTVs) as well as through your Internet connected computers or via our distribution partner apps on your mobile phones or tablets.